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1Lotus Research carries out research into healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical markets covering various segments, areas and target audiences. We conduct healthcare research fieldwork amongst patients, patient caretakers, physicians and other healthcare professionals, pharmacists, purchase decision makes (large, mid and small hospital, hospital/clinics ), managers and key opinion leaders(KOL).

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Research in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors take up a large part of our fieldwork assignments. Primary Healthcare Marketing Research Company Fieldwork: (To view presentation – Please Click here) 1Lotus Research carries out research into healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical markets covering various segments, areas and target audiences. We are leading healthcare market research consultancy conduct healthcare research fieldwork amongst patients, patient caretakers, physicians (across various specialties), nurses and other healthcare professionals, pharmacists, hospital managers and key opinion leaders (KOL). In order to provide high quality services in the field of healthcare research, we cooperate with medical professionals, advisors and apply strict ethical rules and data protection policies in fieldwork.


Areas of Healthcare Research Covered:

  • OTC / Rx markets / Concepts/ Products under development / Medical devices
  • Patients’ opinions and usage habits
  • Physicians’ therapy and prescription habits in-clinic
  • Chemists / Pharmacists’ recommendations
  • Satisfaction studies (e.g. cooperation with medical representatives)
  • Name, packaging and commercial concept testing
  • Research into pricing, reimbursement schemes and Payers
  • Pre & Post market launch studies.
We at 1Lotus Research conduct and assist Market Advisories, Healthcare Consulting and Healthcare Marketing research companies with primary healthcare market research from data collection to analysis and full report writing.Click here

Market research is one particular aspect which business organizations tend to disregard. However, it plays a significant part in determining the success rate of the products and services which you are planning to offer to your demographic targets. Without effective market research, your business will not be able to analyze its current position in the market and will fail to make a mark in the long run.

Thus, it is critical that you take into consideration the present trends, the requirements of the target audience, the level of competition in the industry and the value which your services offer before you make the final decision of investment.

In such cases, look no further than 1Lotus Research, rated among the best Market Research Data Collection Companies in India. We specialize in data collection and interpretation which can be utilized by specific business firms to improve their operations and efficiency. 1Lotus Research expertise in providing Pharma Market Research services in the Healthcare Industry of India.

The Pharmaceutical sector of India is considered to be extremely competitive as multiple firms are looking to create an impact on the said market domain. Thus to gain an edge over your competitors, companies often rely on our services as we successfully generate both qualitative as well as quantitative data, so that the present trend and the demand of the industry can be effectively analyzed.

Why Choose our Healthcare Marketing Research Company?

There are many Healthcare Marketing Research Companies in India who operate on a single dimension. However, 1Lotus Research possesses expertise in multiple dimensions. We believe in a more flexible approach. We believe in the aspect of complete customer satisfaction which is the sole objective and aim of our existence. Being a healthcare marketing research company, we acknowledge the importance of change and upgradation. Hence, we can adapt and mold our philosophy as per the needs and requirements of the clients.

We understand that not all companies have the time or the resources to appoint individuals who can take care of and satisfy the needs of market research. This is primarily we look to offer supreme quality services at an affordable rate so that our clients can identify their limitations and strengths simultaneously and minimize their investment risks.

When it comes to the healthcare industry, the solution providing company must attract investors so that the required funds can be generated for development and field research purposes. Thus, your business plan must be fool-proof so that you can convey the message which you want to relate effectively to your investors. Our analytics and data will back your hypothesis up and will assist you to gain more attention from investors all around the world.

So wait no more and collaborate with the expert Pharmaceutical Market Research team at 1Lotus Research. All you have to do is give us a call and our professionals will be there to guide you all along the way.

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