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1Lotus Marketing Research Services (1Lotus Research) is an independent market research fieldwork agency assisting Market
Research Companies, Market Research Fieldwork partners, Advisories, Consulting Firms, Outsourcing Firms and Clients


We are a firm with a team of experienced market research professionals – practitioners of high degree of innovation, actionable
solutions in tactical and strategic market research fieldwork at Asia Pacific and Middle East countries.

Every business idea may sound revolutionary and groundbreaking, to begin with. However, what may seem like a once in a lifetime business plan might prove to be a disappointment if adequate market research is not conducted.

Thus, it is imperative that we understand the need and the trend of the market which you wish to target and acknowledge the customer preferences.

Irrespective of uncertainty about a new product/ services/ concepts that one is about to launch then one must consider hiring the services of a reputable market research company. Our key differentiators are - Create transparency amongst the Clients and Partners to honestly recommend; the most appropriate target audiences, sampling and cost-effective research methodology for each individual project, and our detailed project management procedures ensure that clients have a high-quality experience and are fully satisfied with the data collected.

We assist Clients across industry verticals confidently to deliver exceptional fieldwork qualitative, quantitative, online research and usability testing fieldwork.

Why Market Research Is So Important

Let us assume that you have a start-up with an all-new idea. In order to start your business, you would specifically need financial assistance. This is where you need to get in touch with investors who are capable enough to give you that initial push so that you can start your business. However, it is requisite to convince the initial investors that your business plan surely generates profits in the long run. Without effective evidence and proof of your plan, it will be very difficult to attract investors.

This is where the Market Research Services of 1Lotus Research can be used to perfection. The company has been operating in the research industry for several years now where we have been able to collaborate and work with clients from all over the world.

The experience which our team of professionals possesses is second to none. Not only that, we are passionate about our profession and look to provide effective solutions at affordable pricing points. This approach has made 1Lotus Research one of the best market research companies in India, Asia and Middle Eastern countries.

We Deliver 100% Market Viability

Before you make the final decision of investment in the new product or service, be sure to consult with experts so that data-driven results can be obtained.

This market analysis helps you to minimize your losses and help you to identify the sum amount necessary as an initial investment. We understand that your finances and your time are of utmost value to you.

Hence, let us take control of all the market research related aspects and be rest assured that the data obtained will be 100% accurate which can help you to determine the market viability of your idea or the product or the service which you wish to launch.

Get In Touch With Our Experts

To get hold of our services, all you need to write to us at rfq@1lotusresearch.com and we will get right back with you within 24 hours to arrange for a call and provide immediate solutions.

We believe in affordable pricing policies so that every business organization can avail of our services without much worrying about the budget factor.

So, wait no more and get in touch with us today to avail our premium quality various research services at affordable rates. We believe in affordable pricing so that even the small and medium scale businesses can benefit from our services.


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