Computer Aided Telephonic Interviewing company

Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI )

Our in-house CATI (computer aided telephone interview) call center team is enabled and staffed by experienced recruiters and interviewers who have worked in the industry for many years. We typically use this tool is most innovative fashion:

We at 1Lotus research, offer very cost effective outbound as well as inbound CATI interviewing, with experienced moderators and agents in place, we are able to typically accomplish:

  • Telephonic interviews
  • Telephonic in-depths
  • Computer aided telephonic interviews (CATI surveys) – with or without visuals of concepts
  • Computer aided web interview (CAWI)
  • Remote Computer aided telephonic interviews (CATI) (to know more, please click here)
  • We have capabilities to dial out B2B professionals ( CXO, Directors, Senior and Middle Management staff, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers), Healthcare professionals ( across all stake holders. i.e. physicians across specialties, patients, care takers, pharmacists, nurses, etc.), IT professionals ( CIO, CTO, Technology leaders, IT heads, IT Manager) and Consumers. We have in-house survey programmers and translators; so ideally we could field a study from setup, project management, programming to tabulations; Depending on the requirements of the Client.

    To know more on quality procedures and protocols of CATI /CAWI operations at 1Lotus Research. Please click here

    We at 1Lotus Research from our CATI call center have capabilities to cater services to Asia Pacific : India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and Sri Lanka and Middle East Region : UAE, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, and Turkey. For further information’s, please feel free to write to us at

    Analyzing your business operations is essential as it acts as a filter which helps you to identify your weaknesses and at the same time offers options in terms of upgradation which should be initiated to achieve long term growth and development goals. ... CATI or Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing is an essential medium through which effective data can be collected which can later be used to upgrade the operations of a business organization.

    The data obtained will help you to monitor all the actions and results related to the actions which your company is responsible for.This is why you should look to hire the services of CATI Telephone Surveys as it will help to gain more insight about your business and operations.

    Why choose the services of 1Lotus Research
    1Lotus Research has been helping business organizations all around the world with its precise and top-notch qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Our company shelters some of the best data analysts who are vastly experienced in this field of study and deliver effective results within specific deadlines. Our company provides some of the most flexible services and adapt the particular needs and demands of the clients. This is what makes our company, 1Lotus Research one of the best CATI Research Companies on a global scale.

    Our services can be availed all-round the year as we work with an affordable pricing mechanism. The sole objective of our firm is to avail the best quality services at the most reasonable prices. With the help of this approach all types of companies, be it small, medium or large Multinational Corporation can reap the benefits of our dexterities.

    What are the advantages of availing the CATI, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Services of 1Lotus Research?

    The primary advantage of availing the CATI, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing services of 1Lotus Research is that it reduces your overall cost and expenditure that was to be incurred on data analytics. You do not have to physically visit the market to collect information from your target audiences or from other business firms that you have collaborated with. We are experts at extracting information through CATI approach. Hence, you will be able to save valuable time and effort by letting our professionals handle this aspect of market research.

    The results obtained will also be extremely accurate. 1Lotus Research occupies in-house professionals who will make calls to the people concerned and conduct a telephonic interview so that data is generated in the most effective way possible. Our professionals work with only the best scripts that are bound to deliver client response. Also, be back our scripts with proper data analytic tools so that all the observations are recorded without any fail.

    Therefore, wait no more and get in touch with the experts at 1Lotus Research to avail immediate results by employing our premium quality CATI Telephone Surveys.