Market Research Fieldwork

Market Research Fieldwork

In market research, fieldwork is the term used for the collection of primary data from external sources, it is usually followed by a data processing step and then analysis and reporting. Fieldwork may be conducted by either a dedicated fieldwork company or, if the market research agency has one, an in-house fieldwork department. Fieldwork includes qualitative and quantitative methodologies such as observation, mystery shops, hall tests, interviews (CATI, face to face, online) and several others.

We can take over any specific stage of the market research process, i.e.:

  • design or adjustment of survey instruments,
  • recruitment of respondents, sampling,
  • data collection, interviews or moderation,
  • data cleansing or data analysis,
  • interview testimony,
  • translation into local languages,
  • reporting (top-line or full reports),
  • Your benefits from working with1Lotus Research:

    • We are able to recruit respondents on a very short notice – even within 24 hours.

    • We have experience in recruiting very specific and hard to get to respondents, i.e. specialist in a niche field, doctors with a rare specialization.

    • We are able to field both quantitative and qualitative projects according to our client’s requirements while bringing our local market expertise and methodological competence.

    • We cooperate on an ongoing basis with a number of proven local research agencies in the countries covered with our fieldwork services. We know which agency specializes in what field, thus we employ verified partners.

    • Our primary focus is the area of Central and Eastern Europe but we are also capable of conducting research in Western Europe and other countries. Please see where we operate.

    • Our project managers are experienced in managing multi-country research projects, which saves you time and stress.

    Market Research is an essential tool which every business organization must consider to boost their business to the next level. There are various benefits of research and is heavily practiced by companies who wish to launch a new product or service in the market.

    This is primarily what our company 1Lotus Research looks to provide. We possess some of the most experienced professionals who have tremendous knowledge about the market research methodology. They have acquired it by collaborating and working with numerous multinational and start-up firms all around the world. This is why we are revered as one of the best Market Research Companies in India.

    What we specialize in?
    1Lotus Research is one of the premium Market Research Consultants Mumbai that offers Market Research Consulting Services at affordable rates to its clients. Following are the aspects which we specialize in:

    1. Qualitative Market Research - Qualitative Market research is a technique that takes into consideration the real-time feedback of the demographic targets about a specific topic or product. This one on one interview session helps to dissect the opinion of the target audience on a quality basis. The feedback and the observations are duly recorded by our expert team and likewise, measures are taken to address the issue with regards to which the market research is being conducted.

    2. Quantitative Market Research - Quantitative Market Research is a data-driven process where effective data is collected and analyzed which is then used to upgrade to the operations of a business organization. The data processed is accurate and depicts a clear picture in terms of the performance of your firm. 1Lotus shelters some of the best data analysts who can help you achieve the desired market research results in no time.

    3. CATI Market Research - Offering services related to Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing is our specialty. We possess an in-house team who work dedicatedly to record data from your demographic which is then used to improve the operations of your firm in the long run. The Market Research Field Services which we offer are second to none within the research industry in Mumbai. Our CATI services will help you to zero-in on your demographic targets and simultaneously save valuable time as well. CATI is fast and result-oriented and with the services of 1Lotus you will surely get results in no time.

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    We understand that not every company has the time to assign a designated team that will take care of market research and business development all by themselves. It also proves to be an expensive initiative as going through the market and recording data can prove to be costly when you leave it to inexperienced individuals. Thus, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of professional Market Research firms such as 1Lotus Research as we guarantee optimum results. Give us a call today to know more about the services we offer.