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1Lotus Research (1Lotus Marketing Research Services) constantly strives to keep offering – top quality market research fieldwork services to its esteemed Clients and fieldwork partners across globe.

Being a single point of contact for multi-country research projects across 30 plus countries of Asia Pacific & Middle East Regions; We provide qualitative, quantitative and online research across all market sectors and industry verticals – including Advertising, Agriculture/Fishing, Armed Services, Banking/Financial/Insurance, Civil Service/Local Government, Computing/IT/Data Processing, Communications, Construction, Consulting, Education, Engineering, Entertainment/Leisure/Recreation, Healthcare, Internet/Web Development, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Market Research, Media, Medical, Mining/Quarrying, Pharmaceutical/Chemical, Printing, Property/Estate agency, Public Relations, Publishing, Religious/Not-for-profit organization, Restaurant/Hotels/Catering, Retail/Wholesale trade, Social Services, Telecommunications, Transport, Travel/Tourism, Telesales/Telemarketing and Utilities (Electricity, Gas or Water).

We have proven track records in international research, B2B and B2C surveys, central location / in hall tests, healthcare fieldwork using our proprietary Online Panels, brand awareness, product tests, competition & segmentation studies as well as comprehensive industry analyses and forecasting.

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Asia & Oceania MENA Region (middle East)
Australia Indonesia South Korea Bahrain Lebanon Syria
Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka Egypt Nigeria South Africa
China Philippines Taiwan Israel Oman Turkey
Hong Kong Malaysia Thailand Jordan Qatar UAE
India Singapore Vietnam Kuwait Saudi Arabia Yemen
Kick-starting your business is perhaps one of the most difficult things that an entrepreneur has to deal with. Starting from zero and then taking your business to a certain level may sound easy but is certainly difficult, to say the least.... As a business owner or a management head, you must take into consideration several factors and only then your company begins to climb the corporate ladder. Reaching the peak of the domestic industry is one thing, but expanding your domestic business on an international level is a completely different ball game altogether.

Tapping into foreign industries and gaining the attention of the clients is way more challenging than dealing with your domestic one. This is where the concept of International Market Research comes into existence. To enter the international market, it is essential to analyze the present condition of your company, i.e. analyzing whether your company and employees are ready for the leap or not. If you are somehow not able to meet the requirements of the international standards, then it might affect your firm adversely. So much so that recovery from the setback might seem to be impossible.

Hence, it is always beneficial to seek the assistance of the top International Market Research Companies in India, so that you gain insight into the current trends of the global economy. 1Lotus Research is one such company which provides effective solutions with regards to International Marketing Research.

Our company has been working with several multinational firms as well as startups who wish to make the mark in the international market. We have helped numerous aspiring businesses to gain information about the buying behavior, demands, and trends of the international market. Many of our clients have successfully made the shift to international levels as well. So we have the experience and the knowledge to deliver only the best quality services.

What makes us the best Survey Conducting Companies in India? The primary objective of 1Lotus Research is to satisfy the needs of the customers by offering instant solutions at affordable price points. We possess a dedicated team of professionals who have a sincere passion for data analytics and wish to help clients to achieve their long term goals. This attitude makes us one of the leaders among various Market Research Agencies in Mumbai.

We have proved ourselves as the elite Pharmaceutical Market Research Companies in India, as we have specialized skills in this market segment. 1Lotus Research employs an in-house team that is motivated and works hard on a 24/7 basis to record effective data that can be used to improve your overall company operations.

Get in touch with our professionals So if you have any doubt or query regarding our services then feel free to give us a call. Our customer relations team will take care of all your doubts and guide you in every step of the way. Join hands with us today and experience an immediate difference.