Mystery Shopping Research

Mystery Shopping Research

1Lotus Research have in-house capabilities to delivers explorative and innovative mystery shopping results to the Clients across industry verticals.

The purpose of mystery shopping studies is to concentrate and focus on the attention of business workshops, houses and management on customer service improvement by providing information on the operations and the quality of service it is providing.

Our Mystery shopping studies can comprise the simple factual observation of points of sale or services focusing particularly on external + internal façades, signage’s, cleanliness, waiting time, response time, commercial signage, display shelves, the state of equipment in use, adherence to the company’s standards etc. OR do beyond the thoughts to explore competitor’s places. It might also extend as far as making a purchase or enquiry, where the surveyor / shopper / evaluator pose as if he or she was an actual or potential customer, on the basis of a simple or more complicated scenario.

Mystery shopping studies involve the use of mystery shoppers who are trained and/or briefed to observe, experience and measure any customer service process by acting as a prospective customer and undertaking a series of pre-determined tasks to assess performance against specific criteria, reporting back on their experiences in a comparable and consistent way.Our mystery shopping studies are both, tailor-made as well as Client deployed and typically comprise of:

  • Physical Mystery Shopping
  • Telephone Mystery Shopping
  • Online Mystery Shopping
  • Dealer/Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Lead Management Mystery Shopping
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