Quantitative Market Research Services

Quantitative Research

Our quantitative market research services comprises of:

Face to Face Interviews (F2F); Personal Interviews Social Research Facilities
Self Competition Interview Customer Satisfaction Survey
Web Based Survey Computer aided Web interview (CAWI) / Close location Test (CLT)
Media Test Services Retail Audit and Interview
Shopping Research Services Computer aided personal interviews (CAPI)
Central location tests (CLT) / Hall tests Online Surveys
Computer aided telephonic interviews (CATI) Mystery shopping
Retai Shop Audit Paper & Pencil interviews (PAPI)
Concept Testing Paper & Telephonic interviews (PATI)

Other types of turnkey market research fieldwork, based on clients requirements.

All business firms, be it big or small must look to indulge in the process of market research and strategy development so that the growth rate of the concerned organization is always on the way up. However, the process of initiating research can be complicated, to say the least as proper planning and allocation of time and resources is required. Thus, the best possible option which you can consider is to outsource your market research work to professional firms who excels in the Quantitative Market Research.

This is where the services of elite Quantitative Market Research Companies come into play. 1Lotus Research is one such firm that offers Quantitative... Market Research facilities to its clients. The company has been operating in the corporate world for several years and has the required resources and experience to deliver direct results within a specified time period.

Why is there a need for Quantitative Market Research Companies?
Taking part in research helps a company to analyze their present operations. It helps a business organization to save valuable time, finances and also minimizes investment risks in the long run. Therefore, every business firm must look to initiate market research before and after launching a new product or specific services so that they have an overall idea about the present trends, needs, and requirements of the demographics which the firm is aiming to target.

1Lotus Research understands this precise need of every business. With the help of our Quantitative Market Research team, you can now review the present feedback of your business by analyzing and interpreting the data which has been derived. The figures obtained, act as a direct representative of your operations. With our assistance, you will now be able to highlight your business strengths and weaknesses. Simultaneously adequate time can also be allotted to the weaknesses so that complete profit maximization can be obtained.

What 1Lotus Research Offers?
By availing the services of 1Lotus Research you will be able to track the movement of your operations effectively. Consequently, you can use the results obtained to analyze the performance of your direct rivals. Our services will help you to obtain a bird’s eye view of your company operations. The data obtained will be to the point as an accurate numerical representation of your business is obtained.

Thus, we will help to bring more clarity into your firm as you can pinpoint and identify the limitations that have been holding your company back. So give our experts a call today and experience and immediate difference.

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All you need to do is pick up your phone and dial in our customer inquiry number for instant solutions. The primary aim of 1Lotus Research is to fulfill the needs of the clients by providing the best services at affordable prices. This approach of understanding the needs and requirements of the clients has made us one of the best Quantitative Market Research Companies in India.